More Proof of Angels - Update*

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

As the infamous radio host, Paul Harvey, used to say, “And now, for the rest of the story.”

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Part 2

On that day, when I found the cards in my driveway, there was a minor detail that I have not mentioned. It was “WOW!” for me back then, but only now seems more than a minor detail all these years later.

When I gathered all the cards out of my driveway that day, there were a total of 51. I didn’t know which one was missing. I went back outside to see if I could find it. Sure enough it was there, just a few feet from my car, facedown on the ground. Somehow I never saw it when I parked. I reached down and picked it up to reveal it was the King of Hearts. I took it as a clear sign from my big brother, that he was indeed the messenger, and as it was the final card in the deck, it was a message of completion. He was at peace and also watching over me.

The original 52 cards found in the driveway.

The 2nd King of Hearts... found on the jungle road!

Several years later, I am living in Belize, Central America. I live in a rural area, mostly jungle and very small native villages. One day, while cruising the jungle roads in my truck, just outside of one of those villages, friend in the passenger seat, I see something in the road. Usually, there is nothing in the road except the occasional lizard. It looks like a piece of paper, but I am drawn to stop and check it out. I pull up close, open the door and see a card, face down in the road! I am in shock! I pick it up to reveal it is the king of hearts ♥️ (again!) My companion knew the original story, so needless to say, she was as speechless as me!

Okay, if that’s not enough proof of angels...

Here in our little expat community of Orchid Bay, we play a game called Chase The Ace. It’s a lottery type game that builds weekly until eventually someone chooses the Ace of spades and wins the pot. The pot is now $600. and last night I won the drawing to pull for the Ace!

With only a few cards left to choose, I bet you know what card I randomly drew!

Yup! The K♥️!

I’ll take it over the cash any day!

Losing someone you love dearly to suicide is excruciating. When Brian died, he took so much more than his own life, he also took a part of mine. We grew up in the foster care system, and He was who I had left to validate those times in my life. These messages have filled my heart with hope and love that there is so much more to life than just what we know as living.