Smudge ~ Property Protection Prayer

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I(We) banish all negativity from this place and call on the elements of nature to our aid.

That the earth hold strong in the foundation of truth in this place.

That the suns light shine on this place and into every dark space,

with its fires burn all deception, greed, hate and negativity.

That the rains wash it clean and pure.

That the winds cleanse with breaths of healing energy, so that all that is good, in love and light will flourish on this place.

Bless this property, and all who wish to reside here and abide in peace and prosperity

I’ve moved around a lot in my life and in doing so, I find that every location has a very particular energy. Some places feel good, and some, not so much. Cleansing a place through elemental practices can help bring a sense of calm and ward off negative energy. I remember my very catholic mom sprinkling the house with holy water that she had collected from sacred shrines like Lourdes and Medjorgie. I have used this method too, but I prefer a good Smudge.

Smudging is a very simple way to clear energy. I like to use a feather and sage, but incense or any fragrant herb will do. If you want to get technical there are specific herbs to banish certain energies, but that is a practice for another time.

The simple art of smudging should always begin with an intention. The intention can be as simple as “I banish all negativity from this place.” A friend recently asked if she could add “in Jesus name”. You can add any words, or deities, that make it a powerful statement for you. Light a candle to represent this intention, and from that flame, light your sage wand, or herb, letting it smoulder and smoke. Move around the space, blessing the area, fanning the smoke with your hand or a feather if you have one. The idea is to allow the smoke to fill the space, presenting a physical and visceral presence so that negative energies cannot linger.

Native American as well as many other cultures used smudge ceremonies paying careful attention to the 4 directions, above and below.


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