Recognizing An Answered Prayer

Giving a gift that goes unacknowledged is frustrating. It makes us less likely to give with the same enthusiasm the next time. So it is with the universal laws of manifestation. As important as it is to be generous, it is equally important to be a gracious recipient, especially if it is something we have asked for through prayer, intention, or any other form of manifesting.

It was 10 am and there I was, sitting propped up in bed, flanked by my 2 puppy's, books, notes and laptop. The cat was purring somewhere in the pile of it all. I was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to hangout right there for the day. I closed the book I was reading and in that moment I had a flash of a memory. A statement I had repeated many times.

"I am a magnet for my infinite abundance. I am free to live, love, work and play as I choose."

At the time I created that mantra, I was not free to do any of those things "as I choose". In fact it was at one of the lowest points in my adult life that I began saying this and several other mantras. The details of what was happening in my life at the time are unimportant. We all go through challenges. This was one of the ways I used to cope.

So here I am almost 3 years later, on my bed considering if maybe I should get up, get dressed and move through the day in what could be considered a normal way when it occurs to me...

... I AM free to live, love, work and play as I choose!

My bed is my most comfortable place. My dogs and kitty are my loves. Reading and writing are a principal part of my work, and I love it so much that it feels like play. I look around, taking in the moment, the sensations, all with acute awareness. This is what it looks like, the prayer I had, now manifested. In this moment I recognize that I am so blessed and grateful.

Sometimes we desire, wish, or pray for something. When we receive, we are grateful in the moment, but quickly move on. I am guilty of this in many times. After this experience I am working on being a more gracious recipient of the things I have been blessed with.

Ask, believe, receive are the basic elements to manifesting. But it doesn't end there. We might add to that, gracious acceptance is the attitude of gratitude.

Be Empowered!



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