Sankulpa - Manifesting Your Hearts Desire

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Sankulpa is a Sanskrit word meaning resolve. It is used in the practice of Yoga Nidra as a type of intention for manifesting something on the grander scale of life. It can begin as a wish or prayer that when developed and nurtured, brings us to our true nature. Richard Miller PhD, founder of IRest® describes the Sankulpa as a deep heartfelt desire. Considered as such, it can stir up a lot of emotion. 

The creation of a Sankulpa requires us to examine many things in our lives.

First, we need to ask some questions:

"What would make me happy?"  or

"Where am I stuck?" and

"What obstacles are in my way?"

Next, examine the answers:

"Perhaps a new car would make me happy, but I can't afford one."

"Perhaps a relationship would make me happy, but I need to loose some weight before I put myself out there."

Or maybe "A promotion at work would make me happy, but no one seems to notice how hard I work."

The list of examples, and excuses, goes on and on. 

The next step would be to ask  the questions:

"What do I need?" and

"What do I want?"

Our needs have much to do with the physical state of things.  We might feel we need the car because the one we have is getting old, or need a relationship because we are lonely. It is very easy to list and justify the things we feel we need. But justifying what we want can be more of a challenge. 

Wanting goes deeper. "I want a new car so I can have safe transportation." The Sankulpa develops as a statement of fact, as if it already exists. In this example the Sankulpa might develop into"I have safe and reliable transportation." It may, or may not manifest as a car. If the true answer is that I want a new car because it will make me look (better off, attractive,...) we need to drill deeper. The question becomes "Why do I want to look better off?" Am I trying  to empress someone, or feel important, or feel successful?

Keep asking "why?" until you get to the truth.  This takes time and a lot of self inquiry. The Sankulpa may eventually emerge as “I am successful.” You may discover the underlying want is something totally different from what you thought you originally needed.

Another simple example might be "I want to win the lottery." In which case we then ask "Why do I want to win the lottery?" "So I can pay off my bills and buy a new car, house, clothes, go on vacation etc." As we drill down we discover we are really seeking financial freedom. In asking specifically to win the lottery we limit the possibility of how this can manifest. If we say "I have financial freedom." the avenues of manifestation open up!

Creating the right Sankulpa takes real effort. It requires us to drill down beyond the surface of what we think we need to discover what would bring true happiness. And when we do, there is still more to be done! 

Once we can identify the want, we must frame it as if it already is fact. Creating the sentence or sentences seems easy enough. “I want …” becomes

”I have financial freedom."

"I have a great position where I work."

"I have safe and reliable transportation."

Believing it is the hard part. 

Much has been said about being specific on what we want when manifesting.   Advice has been given on making lists, proper wording, and the old adage "Be careful what you wish for!" Personally, I have engaged in these practices, and I have experienced how mis-wording has attracted some interesting results. I have also experienced and witnessed that when we drill down beneath the surface of the physical needs and wants and ask why, when we can be honest with ourselves, the truth of what we need and/or want reveals itself. Our Sankulpa becomes believable, it does exist because it is the truth and wastes no time manifesting. 

 ~ I am a magnet for my deepest heartfelt desire ~ 


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