When the "To Do" List Becomes "Gratitude" List

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

If you want change...read this...

The Note App on my iPhone is a great tool. Looking back at what I was writing last year at this time revealed something interesting. A year ago, at the end of December I made a list of things I wish to accomplish in 2016. I find when I make lists, I am much more successful at following through. For me it is a sort of manifestation tool. Putting words to thoughts creates energy, and that energy fuels action. I do this on a weekly basis, sometimes daily, but this was the first time I have done so for the year ahead.

Not to be confused with the “New Year Resolution”, typically those are promises we make to ourselves to radically change our behavior at the stroke of midnight. Well intended as they are, failure often ensues as we gradually conform to our natural ways. Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight.

Creating a list for the year ahead gives us time and space to allow gradual changes to occur. Nature takes time and space, and if we want to change our nature we need the same.

A look back on my 2016 To Do list reveals many accomplishments and much to be grateful for. For the most part I have successfully completed many items with few exceptions. Painting the front door was the biggest fail, but the fact I don't own the front door anymore it seems forgivable.

An analysis of the list also reveals how some things were accomplished, and not in ways I had imagined. For example, on my list was to move my tiny house (on wheels) to a permanent location. In June, I sold the tiny house, which was not on the list. However, it did move to its new home with a new owner. That was a happy surprise and a check off the list!

Radical change happens over time and this past year saw that manifest for me. Where I was at this time last year compared to where I am now could not be more different, in good ways. And so as I prepare my To Do list for 2017, It seems appropriate to look back once more with gratitude at the blessings 2016 brought.

If you are looking to make changes, and manifest anything, make a To Do list. But before you do, I encourage you to make a list of the previous years blessings as well. It is easy to say good-bye to a year that may have brought challenges. Remember that challenges are blessings too. Starting at a place of gratitude sets us up to receive the abundance we desire going forward. If we start the year this way then our 2017 To Do List can become our 2017 Gratitude List.

Wishing you Bright Blessings on the next trip around the sun! ~ Andrea

Here is an excerpt from my 2016 Gratitude List; things I am grateful to have accomplished. This sample of possibilities is shared in hopes to inspire your own list. I am looking forward to see what blessings 2017 brings for me and for you too! Feel free to share in the comments below!

Installed the fireplace in tiny house - To Do list item

Sold my business for asking price - l To Do list item

Crocheted (my dog a sweater) - To Do list item

Interior improvements to tiny house - To Do list item

Road trip with my daughter to see my son

Sold my tiny house

Bought a bigger tiny house

Kayaked and paddle-boarded - To Do list item

Got a cat 😺

Got a part time "fun job"

Paid down debt -To Do list item

Built new website (coming soon) - To Do list item

Read several books - To Do list item

Wrote a lot! - To Do list item

Made a new friend, (my last old friend)

Turned 50 - still very healthy!

Maintained my weight - To Do list item

Installed a fence, Insulted my porch, Built window sills…

Learned how to make wine - To Do list item

Spent more time with my mom


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